NEET-MDS- PG Mornings

Having a morning routine is a good way to start your day. There are a set of things I do and that really helps me get into my productive flow for the day. On regular days i get up freshen up and study for an hour. Followed by an hour of cooking for the day. I make sure my cooking doesnt take much time cause there are a lot of task piled up for the day.

6:00am – well the morning one hour is mostly a struggle to get out of bed. Few days it fairly simple but if I land up sleeping some time during the day this cycle does get a bit weird.

7:00am- So we follow this one huge ass book for the exam preparation and so my aim in the morning is to get sets of 10 mcqs done and checking what went wrong. After a couple of sets when my brain gets saturated i usually move from the table and start to cook for the day.

Cooking- this has no hour cause it would totally depend on my study line but by 8:30-9 i usually do start off. While cooking I listen to my audiobooksor some podcast to relax. Music usually use to be the thing but now i prefer podcast or a audible cause its almost like an interesting conversation you are a part off. So i complete my breakfast till im preparing my lunch and dinner for the day so that for the rest of the day i dont have to enter the kitchen. Not exactly a fan of kitchen.

Study session 1- this is i take up huge tasks i do the test for the day and review it immediately after im done with a set. this takes up like 2hrs or more at times depending on which topic i have taken up. After that i do some casual reading that would include topics that require a lot of repetition or something new to add up to the list of repeats.

1-2:00pm- lunch and some casual sitcom. or write up something online. This one hour I do all the catching up on social media and go around watering the plants.

2:00- Make sure that i start a question paper at this hour. This is what my exam hour is gonna be like so i try to train my mind to be most active at this hour cause before deciding to give the exam this was the time to hit the bed for a mid day nap and lazy hour. Slowly changing that and trying to sit for longer at this hour.

5:00pm- by this time im pretty much done studying and saturated in my head i have recently started teaching this other person that way my concepts also get clear and retain better in my head so at 5 i relax and probably pic a light topic to discuss with my study group. We dig deeper if needed but usually an overlook is good enough. The discussion starts at 7 so i have 2 hours to prepare before it and thats all one needs before teaching.

7:00pm- Before i start the discussion group i prepare my dinner and sit with it. Normally we start with some random catching up and interesting things we read about and then jump to the topic of the day. After thats done it almost 8-9pm and then we say our good byes and then theres a last round to the kitchen to keep the dishes and was if i have the energy or keep it for the next day.

9pm- This is when i catch up with my friends and family play a little scrabble with mom and relax cause the day has come to an end. I make a to-do list for the next day keeping the 1st hour of the day for revision by 11 im drained out completely and thats the last podcast session I have where i usually drift off sleeping.

Extra tasks to refresh my BRAIN.

whenever i feel a brain block i land up doing a the following task



art puzzels

avoid scrolling as an activity 😛 im sure you’ll drift away and then it would be really hard to get back on track.

So this is something i’m following these days and i thought my juniors could also go through this and feel good about the whole preparation cause it gets too frustrating too fast. People usually have a complaint that the exam is tough or its just too much studying, even i had the same complaint with the exam before but that was because i always took this as a task and not as something im really willing to do. Im not sure if im gonna clear the exam this year but im pretty positive about the process cause even if i dont clear the exam on the way of learning i might just get to know my field way better than how i know it now.

By the window… Continued

day 4- I really don’t feel like getting up and going out for some fresh air anymore. It’s annoying as hell. I literally do like multiple stuff and hardly 5min pass by. I really think everything has slowed down 10 times than usual.

i had a follow up of a patient today so went to the clinic. Had a little interaction and ordered extra food to lift my mood. But it dint work. I was desperate for some company. A little office drama in the morning to keep me going but by 4 the depression was starting to set in. I couldn’t control my phone usage today so I have to use it less at night so that’s even worse. Decided to go have a little chat with my neighbour. I was hoping the lights will be fixed till tomorrow but my neighbour told me it would easily take 2 more days. I gave a pity laugh on life and headed back home. Now it feels like a daily report but it’s sad to even give updates. The sky was super gloomy by night I don’t know when I dozed off.

day 5- I think there’s nothing good to write anymore I’m on track with my battery usage. And the govt in my area is shit who won’t move so I just gotta find a way to move out. Probably find someone where there is electricity. Can’t believe it’s 2021 and electricity is my biggest concern.

By my window

On regular days I sit by my window, curtains drawn, at late evenings and plan out my list of activities for the next day. Not knowing how the other day would be like. But today was different. And hence the post.

Today I woke up at 7 to the gushing sound of wind. That’s now how my usual mornings look so after ages I draw my curtain aside to look out at the view. It was rain cats and dogs and the wind was so strong the group of Bougainville branches just outside my window had flow away. So for the first time I could actually see what’s out side my window otherwise the Bougainville were usually it. I hope that gives you the intensity of the wind flow. I check my phone to find a cyclone alert.

Well you can’t really always plan you day in advance. With no electricity I decided I will open the window to let some air come in and then close it in awhile when the air in my rooms all fresh again. Opening the window was another thing I had never done in this house for the past 5 months I’ve been living here. I sit there with my cold orange juice and breakfast and watch the wind knock over all the mangoes and coconuts from the tree.

I had never paid such close attention but everytime a coconut fell it was like a loud bomb. Dare it falls on someones head. I sat there thinking ‘ hmm I had my day planned out but it’s interesting to look outside’ so after studying for a while I sat there and chose to observe the trees.

Trees are like those grumpy old fellows who don’t like to be moves but the small plants seem to enjoy it. Day goes by and I sit next to my window wondering this is the longest I have sat here. It’s such a pretty green view from here I should do this more often but I always swamp myself with study work of engaging with friends.

I miss the Bougainville outside my window but I also like the new green I’m able to see now.

4pm- it’s still raining like crazy. A lot of trees uprooted so I’m saving up my battery just incase. I don’t think so electricity is gonna be back any time soon.

Sunday went by I slept early cause there was absolutely nothing one can do in the dark all alone. Monday is here and it’s still raining not the fast wind type but the slow monotonous rain. The joy is no more to look out my window. My entire day goes by reading atleast I would have stories to think about at night.

7pm- the last bit of day light is now going the silence is creeping in and it’s scary to think. But sitting here does make me feel what our oldies go through when their kids leave them and go. And they have absolutely nothing to entertain them. I’m just 25 I’m sure I don’t know what exactly a 80yr old might be feeling but I think I can related to it the closest at this moment. I’m just thankfull to have my phone and my power bank to keep my phone alive. I guess the power bank was the best investment. Electricity is gone since Saturday night so that also day 2 of survival.

Day3- Tuesday- I’m optimistic today. Dint get much sleep all night so as soon as day light was here i went out and walked to the beach. I wish I could take a photo and capture it but at this point I’m not hopeful the electricity will be back by Friday so I’m saving up and using my phone as less as possible. I’m out with my mini diary at the beach. It’s complete empty at this point… the beach and my page. I sit there enjoying the weather it’s the calmness after the cyclone. The sky is still grey and it rains after every 1 hour. So I hide under this parking space and then go out and sit on the rock to continue admiring the water and the clouds. There are a few places that have got electricity back so let’s hope I get it too by the end of the day.

this post has become longer than anticipated. Will continue giving updates on my survival through the cyclone tauktae.

MOvie dates

Its interesting to see a trend stick along for long. Going on movie date is one such thing. For centuries now people go out with their ‘someone’ out on a date to watch a movie, drama or theatre. Probably calling it a date is the only new upgrade to a age old custom.

But over the course of this weird last year the concept of movie dates has shifted to vastly that im not even sure if it aligns with the concept anymore. I mean yes we both are watching a movie together yes we both can discuss in the middle of the movie but in a world so big. where the population is so high- arent there a million others with me in this movie date….

Daily dose of MOTIvation

life during the pandemic has been tough and this line is probablt the start of every post these days. So i’ll cut to the point. There are the things i did to kinda maintain my mental peace.

List of activities you can do when feeling low-
1- talk to family and friends. NO matter how lazy you feel how unwilling you are to start a conversation just do it. There has to be a start.
2- clean up your room. cleaning up my room had proved to be extremely relaxing to my mind, gives me a sense of accomplishment cause its damn physical unlike online task.
3- pick up a book to read. cause internet has made so many cute posts of reading in a cozy corner in your house so make yourself feel good by creating a spot and then probably read away if you have it has a hobby. if not a hobby then maybe just give it a try what if you like it.
4- write a letter (not an email). the culture of writing a letter is pretty obsolete so i would urge you to write a letter to someone or yourself. write a letter to your future self and maybe store it in your cupboard. it would be a nice point of conversation with self when you land up cleaning your cupboard in the future and completely forget about the time you wrote it. ( i guess this also gives you an insight on how rarely i clean my cupboard.
5- make new friends. As hard as it may sound for an introvert. the online platform is a pretty safe space for you to enjoy some quick sad conversation. Don’t expect a reply every-time just a hi hello and good will conversation.

This post is here just for a casual read and for anyone out there who is looking to start a conversation with an absolute random stranger. I’m here if you need me.

Treating at covid times

Dental treatments have forever been feared by most people. Mostly it’s just acquired fear but now that we have corona on the loose. Dental treatments has gained more negative publicity.

True that you should now delay your dental treatment as much as possible. But now that we are telling our patients to avoid visiting us it looks like more people want to visit. Earlier when there was no threat to life people usually delayed their dental needs until the last hour. Humans have a tendency to go towards the forbidden fruit and well now with dental clinics limiting their services we are gaining nothing but bad name for not taking their tooth problem seriously.

often i wonder if post covid when we open up our clinics in full swing will people then come or just go back to the old habit of delaying.

Dentist the medical branch that suffers the most.

Dandelion’s journey in a box

“Carla come home it’s time for bed” screamed my mom from the kitchen. I was sitting in the garden with a lamp inside a small little tent I made of the bedsheet. I loved putting up the tent and reading my favorite book inside it with rose petals scattered around. “I’m coming mom” I half scream the sentence and continue the sentence I was reading. Drowing myself in the character and being lost for a moment when I realised the light was too dim to continue out with a lamp.

I grab my coffee cup and my book and step out of the tent and head back to my house. The pleasant air of the chilly night starts to blow. The sky is purple black and the kitchen light glows with a soft golden touch.

“what’s for dinner ?” I ask with whale like sounds coming from my tummy.

“BLT is made and kept ready at the counter do not throw the lettuce out.”

I take my sandwich and head to my room. Keeping the sandwich on the table and indulging myself in some more reading. Never would I have ever thought of myself as a book reader but there was something so mystic about it that keeping it down was more of a task than to read it. But that night when I went to bed after eating the best bacon and leaving out the rest I dreamt after a long long time. A dream I now called life. A dream I do not want to call life but it is.

It all started with the news of a couple of people dying because of this unknown disease. And like wild fire it spread across the globe. We all were asked to stay home and survive in minimal ways, so we did. It was scary in the starting feeling like the Jews in hiding during world war. A year went by and nothing much had changed. The only more of communication was through the internet and the only learning was through Google.

A regular day in the life of a person at home was pretty much like a bird locked up in the cage. For the masters entertainment purpose only. We dont know what life would look like anymore when the deadly disease is all over. But we all hope for a brighter future ahead. Talking to random people on the internet cause that’s what one has to do to stay sane between 4 walls. Kelly was my new friend.

Like every other new friendship ours started off pretty great there was so much to share so much to discover about one another. But one day she stopped replying. Now the thing is when you are isolated and have only one point of contact with a person there’s nothing much you can do or know. Seeing the world outside my window I can only guess that the dreadful disease caught her like the Germans found the Jews.

Days went by with no response.

It was time to officially move on.

Another day another friend, but

now do I really wanna do it all over again?

A thing of 2 to learn

All my life I feel I have seen things in a pretty black and white format. But the weird thing about becoming an adult is that you get to see all the grey. I started writing a year ago but actually even before that. But I always hated the fact of writing online. I categories it in my head as show off. But now that it’s been a year indoor and many diary full of thoughts later I have decided to to online for the purpose of documenting how I lived my life.

Over the course of this one year of the pandemic a lot has changed. My thoughts on a lot of aspect has changed. Life hasn’t moved much since then but I have become a year older doing absolutely nothing. Well not exactly nothing. Discovering what one can do sitting home was fun too. But like too much of anything is a pain in the ass well sitting home is a pain in the ass too

2 yrs of staying in the same spot is like really testing human ability on not doing anything. The number of videos online on how to be productive, 10 things to learn before to turn 20-30-40, books to read. I get it the internet wants me to learn a lot of things and I would do all of that but now it just feels like the primary school teacher who yelled at you to write your tables. I don’t want to do it. I want to move out of these 4 walls and see the world.

So let’s see what all has been different for me from 2020 to 2021. 2020 I was optimistic about learning things and utilising the time I got, jump to 2021 I’m optimistic I will learn things when life gets to normal. 2020 I spoke to a lot of friends, 2021 the conversation have dried out. There’s not much to talk about. 2020 played a lot of online games 2021 don’t feel like looking at the game screen anymore. 2020 use to paint only for my room and kept losing art work here and there. 2021 keeping a digital copy to look back when I feel sad.

If there is something we all have learnt is that how to keep our emotions in check. This generation would need a lot of therapy to get back to normal cause the definition of normal from 2020 to 2021 has changed drastically.

A boy called- LUCKY

I was working as a dentist in a government hospital, a place where one meets a 1000 people a day and comes to know a 1000 different stories. But among all those stories was the story of a little cute boy called lucky.

It was my first day at the department of pedodontics, a branch of dentistry that deals with kids. For a matter of fact it is the most hated department as one would require a lot of patiences to spend and entire day with kids crying all the time. Even though it was the most hated department by me as well i was still excited to learn the skill. Me and my friend loitered around for a while and we spotted this really cute kid outside in the waiting area so we went and played with him till our professors arrived.

Once the Professors comes around the dynamics of the whole room changes. There is no more fun, its purely work. But as it was our first day it was the professors duty to guide us on how to work in this particular department, and as a demo a patient is picked from the waiting area. To our luck it was Lucky.

Lucky was such a charming kid to just look at that even the grumpy professor was smiling. It was amazing to witness how just the presence of a kid could make such a huge difference. He came up to the dental chair and quietly opened his mouth. Mind you he is a 4yr old kid but he knew exactly how to behave. the dental set up wasnt scary for him. Probably the best demo patient to have.

At the end of the demo the patient is assigned to one of us the new bees. Seeing the fact that the kid is so well mannered we both wanted to keep it but only one of us could. So after some awkward staring my friend decided to take it. Initially i was a little bumped out but then the thing about not being the patient made it fun cause i got to entertain him when his doctor was busy. I got to play with him and so even if i was busy with another patient Lucky would come around but play on his own.

Day after day we started to learn about Lucky, which wasn’t his name but a name given by her aunt. Listening at Lucky’s story made us realise how unlucky he was. Like ever other poor in boy Lucky was born as an unwanted child to his parents. His father decided to leave the problem behind cause thats the easiest option he could think of, his mother went crazy thinking of raising a child alone. Lucky was living the classic poor people life. At a tender age of 4 when he was suppose to rely on others for safety and security, Lucky managed to be self sufficient. He chose the had that would feed him and protect him. As every 4 yr old kid he was expected to cry for things show tantrums but none of that was how Lucky reacted. He had no TV at home and so the only time he got to see TV was when he came for his dental treatment. Although it involved a lot of pain he distracted himself well and stayed focused on the Doremon.

Looking daily at those tiny feet marching towards the dental chair without fear was something great to witness. Kids learn a lot of things by just looking around and there were a lot of things he could have learnt from all the crying kids in the chair next to him but somehow in a room full of crying kids he knew he wasn’t suppose to do so. How did he experience pain and still understood that crying wont help. How was he so mature to tell me his mother had gone crazy. Although Lucky was unlucky in a lot of ways in the eyes of the society, he was lucky in a lot of other ways to be blessed with a smart and intellectual brain.